Expedition Team

Karol Voltemar

I am just cycling, traveling, blogging and taking some pictures during my traves around the world. Doing common travelling stuff all around the world and also some blog posts over here, putting pictures on my Facebook and trying to inspire a people to get out of their. Big fun you think (in many way yes)! Try it with bicycle, but I really like this kind of traveling. I love uphills. More about project in about section. I have a great team and have to say big thank to guys that they are helping me with this project. Any helpful hand or idea? This journey is even easier to get cause there is many of people helping me on the road and I am grateful for all of you. It’s all about people.

Henrieta Vagner

We enjoyed greta moments of traveling together during this trip. We did  many destinations by bike, hitchhike, bus, train or boat to see the world. You can find also many nice photos soon on her website henrietavagner.com.

Lukas Holcek

Serious project need serious videos nowadays and I am really poor on the road to do anything not even a video. And I’ve got Lukas for this stuff and he got a big beer from me next time we are going to meet! More on hi website holcek.com

Jan Draskovic

The first person really recognised that I am going to travel the world and also big support helping the project from start. Thanks a lot for everything!