The Idea

“Every idea, every story begins in our mind and if we provide enough determination acts, our idea will materialize into reality.”

Idea Rising Above

We all have our dreams and for few years now, one of my dreams is drilling in my head. Classics speaks it clearly – dreams are meant to be fulfilled, otherwise they will slowly decay and cause us only trouble. My dream was alway to travel around the world and explore the unknown.  I’ve decided to move from dreaming to working hard to achieve it and and try to make a dream come true. That would be great inspiration for others and help them to get out of the safe waters of their harbor. Part of the trip is getting myself out of what I know and my comfort zone.

For me traveling the world is everyday adventure where I can meet new people (sometimes I like to be alone) and also learn more about myself as I am living life on the road. Sometimes I am I can say it is a way of living where I am far from what I used to do before and my routine at home. It opens me a lot of new doors and opportunities to learn something new. Traveling by bike as a mode of transportation it is even harder and more personal challenging and that’s why I love it.

“I can count only on my own instincts and experiences from previous travels.”

Cycling Across Australia
Cycling across Australia in middle of nowhere.