Join Me

Explore the world on your bike in unusual way. Join me and enjoy the adventure that will be a part of World Bike Travel. You can do it by joining me or via organised tours by me and my friends. Our experiences help you to get on the road and exploring the world.

Do you want to change your way of living or lifestyle for a while. You want to enjoy hard cycling and surving every day for few weeks? Exploring the unknown? Or just change passive lifestyle Instead of 8 hours of sitiing in the work you want to try cycling and adventure that you will love! If you want this change just do it.

How it works

The journey is about a freedom and that why we can do it everyone on our own or with a partner we love. But .. there is a lot of but. If you are not ready for your own adventure and you don’t like to learn on your faults, this is also some kind of magic to explore, you can join me and I will help you with your first steps. You can taste it little bit and learn, but you have to put an effort to it. Otherwise it will not work. No time, no will to start and make a decision means nothing happen.

What I can offer is to give you useful advices during and before trip about equipment, visas, plane tickets, be your mate and guide for few weeks, make a plan, plan daily things and give you some know how. I can show you what is my way of exploring the world.