Journey around the world by bike starting – day 01 – Bratislava – Kapuvar

In the morning I woke up and it was great feeling leaving old well known world and explore me, myself in the world. I was kind excited about new upcoming adventure!
This was the first day I tried fully loaded bicycle with heavy bags. My intent was to test this setup in Europe, to not have problems in less developed parts of world. I’ve decided to take a route across Alps to test equipment and choose what to carry on with me & what is not really important. It was really hard for me to push the pedals & keep balance of the bike. On this very first day I felt unstable.
Few friends were waiting me under Devin – old castle ruin on the confluence of the river Morava and the Danube. Thanks for the support, family, friends, guys and girls. It means a lot to me. Few people also rode with me along the river Danube. In the city we crossed a bridge to get onto cycling road that leads to Rajka in Hungary. My final destination for today was Kapuvar. It was really warm day with temperature going over 30 degrees and on the way with few trees not very many places to hide.
Some nice people were biking with me for about 70 km and we had a couple of stops that helped us a lot. On this day I met my new mates (Jaro, Capo), whom we planned to cycle together to Passau through Austria and the Czech Republic. As we crossed border to Hungary only Jaro stayed with me and Capo was coming in evening to Kapuvar. There were few kilometers of backroads and we cannot stop even for a while because of mosquitoes.
The worst moment was a flat tire after few kilometers with brand new bicycle. Really strange thing that never happened to me, but I am not a mechanic. Probably poorly prepared bicycle. Top positive moment of the day were people that come to say goodbye for a while & show their support. Very special thanks to Jan Draskovic that helped me a lot before this journey started and also to other people that supports World Bike Travel in any way.
Cities: Bratislava (SVK) -> Kapuvár (HU)
Distance: 108.7 km
Moving Time: 4:55:00
Avg Speed: 22.1 km/h
Elevation Gain: 62 m
Average Watts: 91 W
#tb There are some good and bad decision we are doing all the time. In this projects I underestimated quality of bicycle equipment as there where problems from start & also could focus on finding more reliable partners for this project. I was in shape on this very special day and my time I spent with traning for this last journey years was best I could do.
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