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Karol Voltemár on solo cycling expedition around the world. The planned route is more than 80,000 km long, passing through more than 60 countries and I will be more than three years on the route. On my own, without a support vehicle, with fully loaded baggage by bicycle I will travel through the mountains and deserts, through the rugged countryside but also meeting the world’s civilization. This might sound bold, and for someone even unrealistic, but main goal of the project is show that the most of ideas is determinated by ourselves and how strong is human’s will.

“Every idea, every story begins in our mind and if we provide enough determination acts, our idea will materialize into reality.”

The path leads through all the continents except Antarctica. I am fascinated by the different culture and diversity of the world. On my way, I will visit famous places and cities but also deserted, poorly visited and history overfilled corners, pilgrimage spots, etc. Anytthing that the life on the road brings. Most of the routes I cycled you can find in Support project section.

“Our reality and limits of our mind are based on what we know, where we’ve been to and what we experienced. That’s why travelling is good. Our body limits are up to us based on out training and strong mind limiting our reality. Somewhere out there is a physical age limits that we can’t go thru but we still have to try. That’s why travelling with bicycle is good.”

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