One year on the road I’ve done it

Soon finishing the crossing of the big country. Australia is a biggest country on my trip with big distances to get anywhere  but it is a great country with many different faces. Last year I did cycling in the world and travelling was a way of living for me. It is biggest thing that travelling in long term should bring to anyone. You are not just going places for a while and see. You change for a while lifestyle that brings a lot of knowledge and another views on the life and the world.  Something from my little story you can find on Facebook page of World Bike Travel.

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1000 for 1 life

After night in the sleeping bag I was writing a diary and reading the news during the breakfast. On my favourite social network I saw an article. it was a sad article about young family with 4 very nice children. From those 2 twins borned not long time ago. Their father got a cancer and operation with cure wasn’t working. The cancer is growing again and he need a special treatment that is not included in public care. There is 30% chance to stop cancer and 60% stop growing up. It cost 100 000 Eur. This is not an easy money and not even in Slovakia. Continue reading

300 days on the journey around the world

At the moment I am cycling in Australia. Part of the trip are days with cycling in the rain, in burning heat, with the headwind and in my back. Sometimes I am starving, I sated. It’s all extreme. I am roaming with my bicycle around the world for 10 months and also using sometimes other means of transport. Statistics are my favorite ones. I spent more than 860 hours in the saddle of bicycle, and I did more than 15 000 km. Cycled or traveled distance is not very important. For those who are not using a bicycle a lot it is maybe unimaginable. But this journey is not about a distance cycled, but it is a part of the trip. I have to keep in mind that long way to the end of this incredible journey and adventure. I still have to plan it as best as I can to avoid problems on the road. More photos and information from my trip you can find here: Continue reading

Food Raad Charity Tehran

Me and Helmut have some time in Teheren and instead of walking around boring city full of smog and not smiling people. We meet some nice people there and girls invite us to Food Raad Charity Teheran that they’re working there as a volunteers. It was a very nice event and we support little bit this project. We meet there a lot of nice people and support a good thing. Here is a description of it and you should check it. Continue reading

Top 10 places to cycle from Bratislava to Tahskent

On the road and on long jorney around the world by bike for sure you passing thru the lot of places. Some of them are good and some are bad for cycling. You should check my top 10 places or routes where on that I had enjoyed cycling the most so far from Bratislava to Tashkent. Oh what a nice memories are on my mind here in Negombo, Sri Lanka. Let’s check it out now!

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Turkey, done!

I am sitting on the sofa in the flat of one of my host´s in Erzurum at the moment. While he is at work, he left me his keys.  The appartement is quite large, so we have enough place to unpack our baggage. The city is located in 2000m over sea level and nights are pretty cold in here. Now I have finally short time to share some news and upload some photos from the expedition. Continue reading

From Greece to Turkey

I spent few days of relax in Greece and as days go by, I moved from Europe to Asia. I was not alone (big surprise). One guy joined me and we start to keep moving way to Turkey. Keep moving is most important thing in life, not only for journey around the world. And story begins. … Continue reading

Balkan peninsula cycling will be soon in the end

I am sitting at the internet cafe in Thessaloniki. Here I take some time for a new diary post for website and a lot of other internet things. In next few days I will take a rest and ATB for my nose. It is going little bit bad last days. It started long time ago after cold and rainy cycling in the Alps. I hope my state will get better. Then I will move my ass to the local mountains like mountain Olympus and very nice sunny beaches.

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