Food Raad Charity Tehran

Me and Helmut have some time in Teheren and instead of walking around boring city full of smog and not smiling people. We meet some nice people there and girls invite us to Food Raad Charity Teheran that they’re working there as a volunteers. It was a very nice event and we support little bit this project. We meet there a lot of nice people and support a good thing. Here is a description of it and you should check it.

Every year in the mid October, the Raad Food Festival is held at the Raad out door Complex , the festival in which the foods  are tasty  and have unique flavors, a taste that according to the visitors will remain  unforgotten for years to come, a taste of charity.

According to the report by the Raad Public relations this year of 2013 our event from 9 to 11th of October, the Twelfth Food Festival was held by presence of the restaurants and the famous food brands with support of the women and the youth groups. The festival which were held from 5pm to 23pm, hosted more than 7,000 people who visited from food booths, youth cafe, ice cream, coffee, ladies homemade foods, fast food stalls, restaurants, roof top grill, Mongolian Barbecue Restaurant (Rashen), the World Food Organization(WFO) and the tourism bank.

Also, the presence of  many famous artists like Mr. Siavash Kheirabi from IRIB caused the environment to be much happier, who led the auction with continuous boom and excitement in favor of the  people with disability’s education.

In this ceremony Mr. Hajili one of the well known singers by performing 3  pieces of his songs , brought the joyful atmosphere to the audience,  Hereby, we take the opportunity to show our deep gratitude and special thanks to all the attended  artists. You should find more info on the website of Raad charity.