From Greece across Turkey by bike and hitchhike

I spent few days relaxing myself in Greece and as days go by, I moved from Europe to Asia. I was not alone (big surprise). One guy from Warmshowers wrote me one that he is going to join me for some part of my Asia tour.  Helmut joined me here and we start to keep moving way towards Turkey borders. Keep moving is the most important thing in life, not only while cycling or during journey around the world.

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The Journey Around World by Bike Started

Few days ago is started (it is the most important part). The expedition around the world by bike that I was planning and getting ready for three years. Plan of World Bike Travel project is to try to cycle at least 60 countries and 80 000 km, but this is not important part. The project has been started at parking place near Donau River under the Devin Castle near Bratislava (town I was born).